And for my next trick
magic requires a snazzy handkerchief.
23:03 Snow in Portland (Taken with instagram)
14:53 Made by someone who has every right to be as cocky as he likes.

“Don’t Get Cocky”
Alexander Barrett, 2012
Thank you, Mom for driving me to the fabric store and teaching me how to use the sewing machine.
02:40 Some old interoffice mail. And, also, Batman? (Taken with instagram)
00:41 I don’t even like, care about my Tumblr. But I’ll tumble for this amazing ad spoofing all those horrible 9-11 exploitation ads from Sunday.


This is fake. I made this in W+K 12 in response to ads that use 9/11 to sell things.
16:03 I have staring at this for 15 minutes

Alex and Shaine: the hair transplant.